G.H. Bent Bakery

GH Bent HardtackGH Bent is now best known in its native Milton, MA as a maker of cookies and sanwiches. A century and a half ago, ships sailed and the Grand Army of the Republic marched on [[hardtack provided by this unassuming bakery south of Boston. Today, GH Bent still makes hardtack for movies and for civil war reenactors, but there's not much demand for the nearly flavorless, imperishable dried bread.

GH Bent Pilot Crackers

They make Common Crackers and Pilot Crackers, too, staples of old Yankee cuisine that you will meet in these pages. All kinds of old Yankee recipes called for Common Crackers, the same ones that filled the cracker barrels in the general stores of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, many from GH Bent in Milton, MA.

The bakery is easy to reach, just a few miles north of Rte 128 south of Boston. Their products can be mail-ordered if you can't make it to Milton. For more, see: http://www.bentscookiefactory.com/contact.html