Nashoba Perfect 10

Nashoba Perfect 10

You can date the Massachusetts craft distilling movement from the first small distiller's license granted to Rich Pelletier and Nashoba Winery in 2003. Since their first spirits, Nashoba has added a whole range of products, including their Perfect 10 Gin.  

Nashoba Perfect 10 is named for the 10 botanicals that the vapor passes through in the still: juniper berries, elderberry, lemon, orange peel, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, anise and fennel.

The result is delicious and complex, but maybe tricky to use in a cocktail. I tried it neat and in small 4:1 Martinis with Dolin, Vya, and Martini & Rossi Dry Vermouth. The Dolin worked best, but I am not sure a Martini is the best showcase for the Perfect 10.

I haven't tried it in a gin and tonic, but here's why:

It's a spicy gin more than a floral or citrusy or minerally one. Look at the list: allspice, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, anise - it's like a Christmas Pudding! To make a good cocktail with it, work with its strengths, in this case think bitters and sweet Vermouth. It does very nicely in the 3:1:1 Martinis, which can be problematic for London Dry Gins and for the more citrusy gins.

What I really like, though, is this: The Nashoba Perfect 10 makes an utterly superb Pink Gin.   

Carpano Antica - yes!

Pursuing my researches further, I can say that this gin is excellent in a Kup's Indispensable (and probably all the 3:1:1 Martinis) when made with the pricey boutique sweet vermouth Carpano Antica. This ancient-recipe sweet vermouth has spicier notes and decided vanilla notes that responded very happily with the merry spices of the Nashoba Perfect 10 Gin.

Self Serving Thanks


Thanks so much for your review as it is spot on. When we decided to make gin we wanted it to be a bit different with a slightly aggressive approach to the botanicals. We appreciate your recognition and acceptance. Like most of our spirits, 100% of our base spirits is from 100% local apples. For us, local means our farm or a few of our neighbor’s farms all within 20 miles of Nashoba Valley Orchard. We are very proud of our farming operations and how we approach making our spirits local. Thanks for the great site.

Richard Pelletier, Owner