Smugglers' Notch Gin

Smuggler's Notch GinI found Smugglers' Notch Gin quite by chance in Winooski at the awesome Beverage Warehouse. It was not on my list, because it was only released in August, and barely appears on their own website.

It blew my budget, not because it is especially pricey, but because I had just spent almost $100 on rare VT craft beers, but I had seen this one nowhere else so I had to buy a bottle.

Cutting to the chase: this is an excellent classic London Dry style gin that goes well in many classic cocktails.

Here's what I determined from careful scientific research:

Martini ScienceSmuggler's Notch Gin is an excellent classic-styled juniper-forward gin that goes well in cocktails formulated for todays big sellers - Beefeater, Tanqueray, Bombay, etc.

In Martinis, I thought it was happiest with the Dolin (and probably with Noilly Prat and Cinzano), good with the Vya, and indifferent with Martini & Rossi. I do not keep Stock or Tribuno on my bar. the difference: the M&R got I think a little too herby, but the distinction is a fine one and if that's your house Dry Vermouth, you'll probably be happy with this gin.

Anette's GimletAs for other classic Cocktails, we tried it at our Welcome Fall 2012 dinner. It was excellent with:

The bottom line is that Smugglers' Notch Distillery makes a damn fine cocktail gin of the classic London Dry style. If you are a serious New England locavore and classic cocktail afficionado, this gin belongs on your bar.